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Europe Ltd



Sales conference with 2,500 of our European sales representatives

Unaico Europe Ltd, Howbery Manor, Howbery Park, Wallingford, OX10 8BA, UK

Company Overview


Unaico started as a Norwegian venture in early 2009, by a group of Norwegian investors.

Growth has been very strong, both in terms of geographical footprint, in terms of customer acquisition and revenues.
Today the business is active in multiple markets in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Unaico is a conglomerate with two focuses: online social networking and direct selling, supported by a number of subsidiaries,
joint ventures and product partners. The business model created a compelling answer to two questions:

1)How to monetise a social network in a compelling way and engage
the user-base through offering value?

2)How to revitalise the staid and perceived to be less than totally
dynamic direct selling model?

The resulting hybrid has exceeded all expectations and is growing
at unprecedented rates. Analysis is indicating that we will both be
the fastest growing social community to hit one million members
(in less than 12 months) and break all-time direct selling records of
customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Business model
Social community members on Sitetalk, in addition to state of the art networking functions, also take part in a customer
loyalty program much like an air-miles program. The innovation is that they earn points for not just their own spend,
but also on the spend of the people they introduce to the community, and the one that they introduce and so on. These
points can be used for discounts or even outright purchases of any goods or services on the platform. Additionally, they
can use these points to upgrade their membership and become a Unaico distributor, when real revenue earning possibilities
become available.

This model has captured the imagination of all stakeholders, from suppliers and joint venture partners, through social
community members, to top quality distributor leaders on all continents.

Suppliers are attracted to a motivated base of loyal customers, with very interesting and differentiated demographics.
Social community members appreciate a platform that is free-forever in its conception, with strong focus on security, and
no moving goalposts on revenue model, as well as a high added value of discounts on purchases. And direct sales professionals
see a seamless global business by design, capable of generating extraordinary income streams.

Corporate structure

The business by design has been able to be flexible and follow the market. As penetration has been achieved in any
given marketplace, Unaico has followed with instantaneous support and operational framework. From launch in Norway,
the business has quickly grown across Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia with rapid growth anticipated
in Central Europe South and Eastern Europe, as well as France, Span and Italy. Additionally, the business has
grown explosively in Asia Pacific, out of a first beach-head established in Hong Kong.

In response, Unaico has established the following corporate support offices:

Unaico Ltd
Business overview

European Headquarters
Howbery Park, Wallingford, OXON OX10 8BA
United Kingdom
UNAICO Holding
Global and Executive Headquarters
#19-08 Orchard Tower
400 Orchard Road
Central Region
Marketing and Administration Office
1508 Greenfield Towner
Concordia Plaza
1 Science Museum Road
Hong Kong
SITETALK Community
SiteTalk Academy
New Mandarin Plaza
17 Science Museum Road
Hong Kong
Un a i c o Ltd
Bus i n e s s o v e r v i ew

Support Center
An der Kleimannbruecke 36b
Support Center
Gerbiceva 57
Unaico Holding
IT development
Blaumana 5a-7
All of these subsidiaries have been managed and funded by Unaico Ltd. They deal with support and administration for
the entire group, but primarily Sitetalk and Unaico.
Web references:
Un a i c o Ltd
Bus i n e s s o v e r v i ew

UK presence

In addition to Unaico Europe Ltd., this is the registered office for the subsidiary Oxford Development Program Ltd (trading
as The Oxford Programme). This company is acting as the main UK business host for the group, in terms of employment
and office leases, etc

Unaico Europe Ltd was established to be the headquarters for business operations in Europe. The Managing Director of
this company is also the President of Unaico Holding. In addition to its coordination role in Europe, it is also spearheading
the launch of the UK market. Activities are now ramping up in market, through business field leaders, with aggressive
recruitment activities, trainings and events scheduled and managed out of the Oxfordshire offices. It is anticipated
that this will be the number one market in Europe very shortly.

Registered office:
Unaico Europe Ltd Oxford Development Program Ltd (t/a The Oxford Programme)
Howbery Manor Howbery Manor
Howbery Park Howbery Park
Wallingford Wallingford
Oxfordshire Oxfordshire
OX10 8BA OX10 8BA
Bank relation: Bank relation:
Barclays Bank PLC Barclays Bank PLC
2 Market Place 2 Market Place
Wallingford Wallingford
VAT registration: 990 5758 72 VAT registration: 991866362

Unaico Ltd
Business overview

Unaico Ltd
Business overview

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