Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to join a member in your team in sitetalk

when you join in sitetalk  you got a user name for example i have mine kshourav.first go to the unaico website,though we are a free member of unaico.

login there   you will get a area for login

after login you will see a page like this


   Then you click there see below

then you will find some option from them go to "Network Placement Sponsorship

then you will get a page like this

if you want to join your next member in left just click left or if right then click right.then click "locate" and "enter network placement"
then there will be confirmation. then we go to the link user name and fill the form.

 hwhen this page will come you will see that your referal is placed there then fill the form and the next person will be in your team

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