Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SiteTalkMail Communicator

What is the SiteTalkMail Communicator?

SiteTalkMail Communicator is the communications center that enables you to manage all 
of your communications from a single screen, whether you are an individual or a member of a group.  
The SiteTalk Mail Communicator is much more than a mail box, it is a versatile communication tool that can integrate
 all the best known mail services like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo and social media like 
Twitter or Facebook - surpassing the functionality of Outlook and similar mail clients.  
And of course it integrates perfectly with SiteTalk, making your SiteTalk experience a 
complete communication highway. Providing even more with enhanced business capabilities
 to make sure that you have all you need to make your office global. It has an advanced chat 
functionality integrating with other IM (Instant Messaging) services like MSN, Myspace, 
Yahoo, Facebook, Gtalk and a number of others. So you can be online with anyone everywhere
 and have all you mail accounts and online communication services at one place.  
These unique features make The Communicator the most versatile communication tool
 in the world - and it’s free for all SiteTalk members.   So sign up now for a free personalized account, 
with your own chosen unique SiteTalk Mail name, all you need is your SiteTalk membership and you are good to go!
Create an Appointment, - Delegate and Share Calendars, -Universal IM, - Contact Hover, - Date Hover, -EMail, -External EMail, -Importing Contacts, -Inbox and Conversation View, -RSS in Folders, -Basic Search and Search Builder, -Social
Email- manage all your email accounts in one place.
- automatically organise your emails into conversations.
Calendar- schedule events and invite others in your group to attend.
- find times when selected people are all available to meet.
Tasks- create tasks for yourself and others in your group.
- monitor task progress.
Socialise- post comments and see the comments that others are posting on your social network pages without having to login.
Messaging- have instant conversations with any of your contacts in your address book.
Documents- manage your documents and email attachments.
To use SiteTalkMail Communicator you must be a member of SiteTalk. If you are not already a SiteTalk member, sign up here. It’s completely free!

SiteTalkMail Terms & Conditions

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